Food Scientists

Did you know there is a lot of science that goes behind the creation of all the food items we consume on a daily basis .. Whether it’s the knowledge of growing crops or the precise composition of flavors that give your crisps that extra kick , food science is an integral part of getting […]

Three..Two..One..Blast Off !

When the world goes exploring beyond Earth’s starry horizons why be left behind? These 3 space-y experiments will make you want to meet the Martians and surf the waves of beautiful galaxies. Today we will be seeing how the craters of the moon are made , what is a nebula , can we catch it […]

Green thumb-elina

Learn the 3 easiest tricks to make your house a greener and more eco friendly place for your green leafy friends ! Plants have feelings just like we humans do. They love a warm cosy home and lots of water to drink throughout the day . They make food for themselves and the rest of […]

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