Our Foundations

WonderLab was founded in 2014 as an initiative to help children develop a love for science. With activities that allow children to build a scientific approach in a fun and involved manner, WonderLab wishes to inculcate in them a sense of wonder and curiosity.

WonderLab is now a pioneer in various amazing science shows and science activities, having inspired thousands of young lives to explore and grow with the experience of science through various fun and bedazzling ways. It is proud of its association with some of the biggest corporates and international schools in helping them make their special days fun and inspirational for both kids and parents. The various milestones of WonderLab include Google Family Days for three consecutive years, Pathways World School, Krackerjack Carnivals and many more.

Our Projects

Birthdays and Events

Through splendid shows and bedazzling activities WonderLab not only makes any special day Extra-Special, but also allows children and adults to witness just how fun science can be. To learn is to be empowered.. and through our science parties we empower kids to learn beyond the classrooms through fun activities and exciting experiments.

Classroom Programs

Our classroom programs are designed to ensure a child becomes a seeker in the world. To experiment and derive results yourself is a very powerful way to establish trust in the scientific principles. This also boosts the imagination and reasoning in children and helps them to deal with complex topics in higher grades.

Science Crafts

Often with science we tend to ignore the fun and beautiful side of it. Through our science crafts and hands-on activities we allow children to experience how science can be beautiful and amazingly entertaining. These activities are customizable which boosts a child’s creativity, imagination and involvement in science.

The Founder

Nitika Dial

Nitika Dial laid the foundation and came up with this unusual idea of making science and learning fun for kids by Stirring up amazing and fun experiments in her little laboratory.  She has been widely appreciated for her unique approach and in giving shape to what has now become a revolutionary method of imparting knowledge. Nitika received her degree in mathematics in the year 2004. But her passion for brewing curiosity among young minds led her to becoming the owner of a thriving business today. During her journey which started as simple workshop sessions from her home, she has constantly devoted herself to innovation and creativity everyday of her life.

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