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As a parent, you always want to give your child the best childhood memories, so that when your little one grows up, you have multitudes of beautiful pictures and videos to show them how amazing their golden years have really been.

WonderLab makes sure to make your child’s birthday party memorable. Organize a fun-filled birthday bash with our team of crazy scientists and enjoy a Mad Science Birthday Party for kids which is filled with magic and madness.

If you’re looking for a birthday event planner in Delhi NCR (South & West) region to organize a fun-packed birthday party for kids and add colours to your child’s science-themed birthday party, WonderLab is the place for you! We’re open for an indoor as well as an outdoor birthday party for kids. We also offer to make customized creative birthday invitation cards for your guests and offer services ranging from DIY takeaways to Mad Science Shows for kids like our famous Liquid Nitrogen Show for kids, Dry Ice Show for kids, Bubble Show, Unicorn Show, and many more.

WonderLab is listed among the top birthday party planners in Delhi and we thrive to keep that quality up. Your child is sure to have loads of fun as we offer a variety of creative and enriching DIY activities for kids and engaging birthday party games for kids.

Our services include creating customized invitation cards, birthday games for kids, theme-based mad science shows, science-themed birthday DIY activities for kids, hands-on experiment stations for kids, and more.

Our science parties empower children to learn beyond classrooms through fun activities & exciting experiments. Gift your child a memorable birthday by organizing a full-fledged Mad Science Party for kids with our experienced, interactive, and engaging team of scientists!

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Science Shows

Splendid shows and bedazzling activities allow children and adults to witness just how fun science can be.

Activity Stations

Create amazing science gifts and indulge in exciting experiments for an unforgettable experience.

Bubble Mania

Life Sized bubbles to add magic to your science parties. Get trapped in a bubble, blow giant bubbles and lots more!


A revolutionary new program to engage kids by combining the art of Storytelling with Science activities!


Is your son a fan of wizards and superheroes? Is your daughter fascinated by stars and galaxies? At WonderLab, we got it all covered for you!

Organize a mad science birthday party with us, and explore a variety of themes, customizable to your requirements. We offer theme-based science parties for kids of all age groups. Each theme includes its own set of DIY activities, games and science shows for kids, which are adaptable from a scouting banquet to your household backyard!

Mad Science

Accompany the mad scientists from WonderLab into a crazy world of science! In our live Mad Science Birthday Party for kids, enjoy activities like making glow jars, various kinds of ooey-gooey slime, fridge magnets, colourful themed jars, lava lamp, fizzy potions and many more.

Witness lots of crazy exhibitions like the Big Bang, Elephant Toothpaste, Smokey Bubbles, Ghost Bubbles and Flying Paper. Light up your party with our colourful Light Table. Experience science presentations and activities that are larger than life and will captivate the audience, both young and old!


Remember the days you cherished and looked up to those superheroes on the screen? In every child, resides a Superhero that they want to bring to life! Our live Superhero Party for kids allows them to discover the Superhero inside and experience action-packed, crazy science experiments for kids.

Get to be part of a unique show with you as the star while we help you realise your magical capabilities. Enjoy DIY activities like making the superhero soap, superhero slime, superhero jar, superhero bath bomb and more.


Book a Space Birthday Party for kids with WonderLab and witness the beauty of the galaxies through lots of creative science experiments and a full-fledged space show that is sure to WOW your guests!

Let your little astronaut explore the cosmos, for the world of stars is beautiful and limitless like their imagination! Conduct cool experiments like making your own nebula glow jar, planet bath bomb, nebula slime, space soap and more.

Harry Potter

They grew up in love with the adventures of Harry Potter! Why not give your child a spunky Harry Potter Party where they get to experience the surreal world of Hogwarts and unravel the Wizard inside?

Step into the wonderful world of Hogwarts with magical potions, mystical slimes, magic wand, supernatural wizardry tricks, crazy wizard games and much more!


Dinosaurs have been fascinating to humankind since forever. Come join us for a full fledged Dinosaur Party for kids and understand the journey of these wonderful beasts through some dramatic science experiments! Enjoy cool DIY activities for kids like making dino fossils, dino soaps, dino dens and lots more.

Engage your guests in making lots of cool DIY takeaways for kids customised with the prehistoric theme, hands on learning experiences at our dinosaur stations, and a beautiful presentation about dinosaurs at our magnificent Dino Show!

Under The Sea

Explore the refreshing Under the Sea theme and enjoy many cool bubble activities in it.

Discover the wondrous marine world where reside the beautiful jellyfishes, the octopuses, the eels and the sea shells, and discover exciting facts about the blue world while enjoying loads of cool Under The Sea activities such as making the Oceanic Fridge Magnet, Under The Sea Jar, Sea Bath Bomb and more. Also, do not miss our Under The Sea show to know lots of cool facts about the ocean and the mystical creatures inside!


Miracles happen when you believe in them. Through our Magical Themed Wizardry Party, discover the wizard inside of you as you witness lots of magical science experiments for kids such as making a wizard wand, dazzling glow jars and more.

Also enjoy tons of astonishing demonstrations in our cool Wizard Show that is sure to delight the children as well as the parents!

Magical Unicorn

Get ready for a magical ride to the mystical world of rainbows where live the majestic Unicorns. The fascinating, mesmerizing unicorns are loved by one and all. WonderLab brings to you a spell-binding and Magical Unicorn Party for kids that will take them to a dreamy wonderland!

Enjoy a fun-filled Unicorn show and lots of colourful DIY activities such as Unicorn Slime, Unicorn Glow Jar, Unicorn Bath Bomb, Unicorn Soap, and many more.

Bubble Party

WonderLab’s famous Bubble Party for kids is a smashing addition to your child’s upcoming birthday party! It includes amazing bubble activities for kids where they get to make different types of bubbles such as giant bubbles, ghost bubbles, fire bubbles and more. The children’s favorite part is where they are trapped inside a bubble!

We also offer Bubble Kits as return gifts for kids wherein they get to enjoy loads of fun bubble experiments in the comfort of their home.

Choose your favorite theme and enjoy the best science experiments for kids that also provide lots of learning opportunities. Make us a part of your celebrations, and avail customizable packages around your choice of theme, and let us together bring the wonders of science to life!

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