Spark Curiosity and ignite Passion! Birthday Parties Powered by Science

Spark Curiosity and ignite Passion! Birthday Parties Powered by Science

Birthdays! Cake, gifts & games with friends – it's all part of the birthday magic. But what if you could add an extra sprinkle of something special? Imagine a birthday party where kids aren't just having fun, they're also exploding volcanoes (in a safe way, of course!), building slime rockets, and uncovering the secrets of science! Sounds awesome? It is!

WonderLab's science-themed birthday parties transform your child's celebration into an unforgettable adventure filled with curiosity, learning, and tons of laughter. Forget the ordinary – let's make science the star of the show!

More Than Just Cake and Games

Forget the boring old party games – WonderLab throws science bashes that are anything but ordinary! We swap balloons for bubbling concoctions, and musical chairs for building slime rockets.

Our amazing facilitators lead the birthday crew through exciting experiments that fit any theme, from superhero science to spooky Halloween slime creations.  Looking for something festive? We can whip up dazzling rainbow experiments or create enchanting unicorn-themed activities.

No matter the theme, WonderLab ensures every guest, big or small, gets their hands dirty (in a good way!) and has a blast exploring the wonders of science.

Unleash the Inner Scientist


Our experienced science party facilitators guide your child and their friends through a series of age-appropriate experiments. They'll create slime, erupt volcanoes, build slime rockets, and much more! We use everyday materials to make science fun and engaging, showing kids how cool science can be.

Themed Adventures to Ignite Every Imagination!

WonderLab doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all science parties. We understand every child has unique interests, so we offer a variety of exciting themes to choose from! Whether your child is a gooey-obsessed slime enthusiast or a starry-eyed space adventurer, we have a theme that will spark their imagination and make their birthday truly unforgettable.

Here's a sneak peek at some of our popular themes:

  • Slimetastic Science- Calling all slime lovers! This theme is packed with messy (but oh-so-fun) slime experiments. Kids will create their own colourful slime concoctions, explore different textures, and even learn the science behind this gooey phenomenon.
  • Electrifying Experiments- Budding scientists will love this action-packed theme filled with electrifying experiments. They'll build circuits, launch light-up rockets, and witness the power of electricity in a safe and engaging way.
  • Space Odyssey- Blast off on a birthday adventure through the cosmos! This theme takes kids on a journey through the solar system, where they can learn about planets, and stars, and even make their own mini-constellations.

These are just a few examples, and we're always happy to create a custom theme based on your child's favourite topic! From dazzling dinosaur digs to magical unicorn science, WonderLab can craft an out-of-this-world party experience!

Memories that Last a Lifetime

WonderLab birthday parties are more than just a burst of birthday fun; they're a springboard for a lifelong love of learning!  Imagine the look on your child's face as they erupt a miniature volcano, witness the magic of colour-changing slime, or launch a homemade rocket that soars across the room.

These awe-inspiring moments create lasting memories that go beyond the cake and presents.  WonderLab parties spark curiosity and ignite a thirst for discovery in young minds. 

Long after the party ends, your child will be asking questions, exploring the world around them with fresh eyes, and maybe even dreaming of becoming the next big scientist!  These parties plant the seeds of scientific wonder, fostering a love of learning that can blossom for years to come.

Make Your Child's Birthday Unforgettable with WonderLab!

Ready to transform your child's next birthday into an extraordinary adventure filled with laughter, learning, and lasting memories? WonderLab's science-themed birthday parties are the perfect solution! Visit our website to browse our exciting party packages and book your unforgettable celebration today.

We offer a variety of flexible options to suit your needs, from intimate gatherings to larger events.  Our experienced party planners will work closely with you to create a custom experience that aligns with your child's age, interests, and budget.

Don't settle for an ordinary birthday party – make it a WonderLab science extravaganza!

Let your child be the star scientist, conducting exciting experiments, exploring the wonders of the world, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

WonderLab – where science meets birthday fun!