Food Scientists

Did you know there is a lot of science that goes behind the creation of all the food items we consume on a daily basis .. Whether it’s the knowledge of growing crops or the precise composition of flavors that give your crisps that extra kick , food science is an integral part of getting […]

Three..Two..One..Blast Off !

When the world goes exploring beyond Earth’s starry horizons why be left behind? These 3 space-y experiments will make you want to meet the Martians and surf the waves of beautiful galaxies. Today we will be seeing how the craters of the moon are made , what is a nebula , can we catch it […]

Colour me happy!

3 refreshing experiments to turn your drab day into a colourful joy ride and engage your kid in DIY marbling activities like no other! Tired of the same old paint brushes and wax crayons? Enough with the colour pencils and the sketch pens  that run out when you most need them …let’s create art- dazzling […]

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Try Fun Science Experiments With Kids At Home!

Your child is a born scientist and a die-hard explorer. Inquisitive eyes and messy hands – constantly seeking new ways to jumble up everything! Well, how about you join them this time? We’re here to give you many super cool, mind-blowing, hands-on DIY science experiments to do at home and spend lazy Wednesday afternoons creatively […]

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