My Journey with WonderLab

Arishya Sharma: Anyone who has spent time with kids know they can be an uplifting source of joy. Children can trigger strong emotions in people that makes them smile, laugh, cry, or even just stare in bewilderment.

My association with kids started when I joined Wonderlab as part of my summer internship which I took up in 2016. Well, the association still continues. Every party was a platform for me to weave a special bond of love with the children. Wonderlab gave me a wonderful opportunity to follow my passion and unleash my potential. There were many instances where I found an immediate connection with the tiny tots during the shows. I always found myself as a mediator to pass the charismatic activities of Wonderlab which awestruck the young learners.

Teaching is my hobby and my passion. Right from my childhood, it was my dream to become a teacher and over the years I reaffirmed and discovered this deep desire of spreading and sharing my knowledge to the best of my ability. Wonderlab fulfilled my dream by further polishing my skills and prepared me well to fit into the education sector right away. Now, I enter my workplace with the responsibility that the future of the world is in my classroom. Being a kindergarten teacher is a special feeling and it feels like being a rock star.

The sparkling eyes with all their attention, eager to hear the next instruction gives me motivation and bubbling energy to get engaged with the tiny creatures. I am very much aware that I need to teach the small minds with my heart. Teaching from the grassroots level gives immense satisfaction. Today, the responsibility to bring out the responsible citizens hinges on the teachers. The act to keep the right foundation right from the beginning in children not only gives contentment but also makes me responsible for nation building.

I am eternally grateful to Wonderlab and would always look forward to have a long & fruitful association, with this wonderful organization and a uber cool mentor Nitika ma’am who has been more like a friend than a boss.

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