Magical Unicorn Party in Gurgaon: A Dreamy Experience

The Unicorn Party is a new fad that is winning over parents and kids alike in the busy city of Gurgaon, where the old and contemporary coexist peacefully. A popular choice for birthday parties, baby showers, and even informal get-togethers is this enchanted theme. This article provides a detailed look at how to organise, carry out, and enjoy a unicorn party in Gurgaon, turning routine gatherings into fantastical, amusing encounters.

Choosing the Venue

There are many locations in Gurgaon that can be turned into a unicorn paradise. The location selection sets the tone for the whole event, with options ranging from opulent dining rooms to intimate garden settings. Popular options include Leisure Valley Park, ideal for an outdoor, fairy-tale environment, and The Westin Gurgaon, which offers plenty of room and opulent surroundings. With the appropriate décor, home gardens and community halls may be just as magical for individuals who prefer a more private atmosphere.


The excitement begins with the invitation. Unicorn-themed invites should be vibrant, filled with pastel colours, and adorned with glitter. There are numerous designers in Gurgaon who specialise in custom invitations. Alternatively, digital invitations are a sustainable and equally charming option. Websites like Canva offer beautiful templates that can be easily personalised.


The decorations are essential to a unicorn party's success. Imagine pastel hues, rainbows, and unicorns, of course. A lovely mood is created with pink, lavender, mint green, and gold balloons. The enchantment is enhanced by unicorn-themed streamers and banners. Shops like Party Hunterz and online retailers like Ferns N Petals have a wide selection of unicorn-themed décor in Gurgaon.

A unicorn background for pictures is a unique décor item. It might be as easy as a cloth with prints of unicorns or as complex as a sculpture made in three dimensions. A little more magic is added with glitter and fairy lights.

Food and Beverages

Magical Treats

No party is complete without delicious food. For a unicorn party, the emphasis is on colorful and whimsical treats. Here are some ideas: 

  • Unicorn Cake: The centrepiece of the food table, a unicorn cake is a must. Bakeries like The Cake City and Binge Bakery in Gurgaon can create custom cakes with intricate designs.
  • Cupcakes and Cake Pops: Adorned with unicorn horns and rainbow sprinkles, these bite-sized treats are always a hit.
  • Rainbow Sandwiches and Fruit Platters: Healthy options that still fit the theme. Use colourful vegetables and fruits to create a rainbow effect.
  • Unicorn Popcorn: Popcorn coated with coloured chocolate and sprinkles.
  • Magical Milkshakes: Milkshakes with colourful layers and topped with whipped cream and edible glitter.

Activities and Entertainment

It's important to keep the younger guests occupied. Games with a unicorn theme are entertaining and further the magical atmosphere. An original take on the beloved game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," "Pin the Horn on the Unicorn" is sure to delight audiences. A fun game is the unicorn ring throw, which involves utilising rings and unicorn horns, which are cones covered in sparkly paper. A creative element to the celebrations may be added by setting up a craft station where youngsters can create biscuits, paint unicorn miniatures, or make headbands.

Adding performers may enhance the magic even further. Balloon artists, face painters, and magicians are constantly in demand. For more interactive fun and picture ops, think about hiring a unicorn mascot. Many event management firms in Gurgaon are able to make arrangements for these artists, guaranteeing a trouble-free occasion. Making a joyful, kid-friendly music mix adds to the joyous mood. Pop tunes, Disney soundtracks, and "The Unicorn Song" should all be included. To keep the party going strong, employ a DJ if your budget would allow. Putting together a musical chairs game or dance-off may make the celebration more engaging and exciting.

Party Favours

Ensuring that attendees take home a small portion of the enchantment helps to ensure that the celebration will go on long after it ends. Unicorn headbands are one type of party goodie with a unicorn theme that may also be used as an activity for the guests. You can buy little unicorn toys online and at your neighbourhood toy store. Candy, temporary tattoos, and unicorn stickers are all welcome additions to personalised treat bags. Tiny storybooks featuring tales of unicorns make for meaningful and enduring gifts.

Real-life Unicorn Party in Gurgaon: A Case Study

To bring all these elements together, let’s look at a real-life unicorn party held in Gurgaon. The Sharma family wanted to celebrate their daughter Aanya’s fifth birthday with a memorable unicorn-themed bash. The party was held at the family's spacious backyard, transformed into a magical wonderland with the help of a professional decorator. The centrepiece was a stunning unicorn backdrop adorned with balloons and fairy lights.

Aanya's preferred colours, pink and lavender, were included on specially created invitations that were given out one month in advance. A charming animation that established the mood for the occasion was added in the digital edition. Glittery centrepieces, rainbow-coloured tablecloths, and unicorn piñatas were among the décor. A little tent, dubbed the "Unicorn Stable," was built where kids could get their faces painted.


Magical Unicorn Party in Gurgaon: Your Ultimate FAQ Guide

  1. What is a Unicorn Party?

A Unicorn Party is a themed celebration where everything revolves around unicorns – from the decorations and games to the food and party favours. It's a magical experience designed to delight guests of all ages.

  1. Where is the Unicorn Party held?

Our unicorn parties are hosted at a beautiful indoor venue in Gurgaon, specifically decorated to transport you to a whimsical world of unicorns. The exact address will be provided upon booking.

  1. How do I book a Unicorn Party?

You can book your Unicorn Party by contacting us through our website or calling our customer service line. Early booking is recommended as slots fill up quickly.

  1. What packages are available?

We offer several packages to suit different needs and budgets, ranging from basic packages with essential decorations and activities to deluxe packages that include catering, customised cakes, and professional entertainers.

  1. What age groups are suitable for a Unicorn Party?

Our unicorn parties are perfect for children aged 3 to 12. However, we can customise activities and decorations for older guests who are young at heart.

  1. What activities are included?

Activities include unicorn-themed games, arts and crafts, face painting, a unicorn piñata, and a magical storytelling session. Deluxe packages include a visit from a unicorn mascot.

  1. Is food and drink included?

Yes, our deluxe packages include themed snacks, beverages, and a unicorn cake. You can also choose to add catering services to any package for an additional fee.

  1. Can I bring my own decorations?

Our venue will be fully decorated with a unicorn theme, but you are welcome to bring additional personal touches. Just let us know in advance to ensure everything fits perfectly.

  1. How long does the party last?

Our standard party duration is 2 hours. However, you can extend the party time for an additional fee.

  1. Are parents allowed to stay during the party?

Absolutely! Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the festivities. We even have a cosy lounge area for parents to relax while the kids have fun.


Any significant event may be delightfully celebrated by throwing a unicorn party in Gurgaon. Children and adults alike will treasure the wonderful experience you can create with careful planning and attention to detail. Every detail, from picking the ideal location to picking the ideal décor, cuisine, and entertainment, adds to the magical ambiance. The secret is to let your imagination fly, exactly like the fabled unicorn, regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or employ specialists. So grab your rainbow-themed decorations, add some glitter, and get ready to throw an enchanted party.