Is it Science or Magic ?

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Decades ago, the light that illuminates your room and the screen you’re watching this on were considered crazy magic! But today, you know science has made it all so real that you never realise just how mind-blowing these little things are. At WonderLab, we’re mad scientists and we love a bit of magic! With this stunning Science or Magic kit, we invite you to connect the dots between magic and science, while doing many cool tricks and pranks that will tingle the scientist in you. Here’s to becoming a spectacular scientist with a magician’s cape!

Age Groups:
5 to 10+

  • Materials for 14 magical experiments 
  • Illustrated manuals with detailed instructions and in-depth explanations of scientific concepts
  • Mind-blowing fun facts related to the experiments
  • Additional exciting ideas and try at-home pranks for kids to explore and enjoy