Mega Slime

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Awaken the slime master within you with this Mega Slime Kit by Wonderlab. Create an amazing range of more than 20 mind-blowing slimes with different colours, textures, and feel. With no bounds on creativity, this mega slime kit lets you learn the science behind polymers like slime with hands-on sensory experience.Our detailed manuals are equipped with simple and beautifully illustrated steps which create the best feeling, and elastic slimes using our special slime activator solution, some glue, and lots of barrierless aesthetics. This is the perfect gift to give a child who is interested in art and science.

Age Groups:
4 to 9+

  • Materials and decoratives to make more than 20 different kinds of slime
  • Simple and easy slime-making recipes to gift your little slime-masters
  • Detailed manuals with steps + explanations to guide you through everything
  • Some fun facts about slime and polymers
  • Many more slime-making ideas for children to explore for themselves