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Best DIY Science Experiment Kits For Kids

Pick the best DIY science-experiment kits and conduct excellent DIY activities as you unravel lots of interesting science concepts. These DIY kits for children are packed with all the supplies, detailed illustrative manuals and lots more. What are you waiting for? Come join us on a super cool science adventure!

We have recently launched some of the best DIY science experiment kits for kids that introduce the children to simple science concepts through creative and easy DIY science experiments! Our science project kits for kids provide them with hours of fun while also educating them at the same time.

Every science experiment kit contains all the supplies required to conduct simple science experiments for kids. These DIY science kits include detailed, illustrative, child-friendly manuals to guide you through everything. In our science experiment kits for kids, we also have a section that helps them develop a scientific approach towards everyday phenomena and encourages them to explore the world around them.

We currently have these amazing DIY science project kits for your child!

Fizzy Chemistry Kit

The Perfect Introduction To The Magical World Of Chemistry.
This DIY kit for kids is the gateway to a thrilling journey filled with bubbles, fizzy potions and foamy wonders. Enter a bubbly wonderland and conduct some of the best Chemistry experiments for kids while learning some cool science concepts!

Rainbow Magic Kit

The Rainbow Magic Kit by WonderLab is The Ticket to the Mystical Land of Rainbows! Through this colourful DIY science activities kit, your child will learn the science behind this colourful phenomenon of rainbows and enjoy many exciting DIY colour-mixing activities! So let’s embark on this journey filled with gooey, bubbly wonders, and a riot of colours!

Each of our DIY science kit boxes include:

  • materials for 5+ uber cool DIY science experiments for kids
  • detailed, illustrative manuals with steps and explanations of underlying science concepts
  • lots of fun facts related to the science experiments to do at home
  • more interesting DIY science ideas for kids to explore for themselves

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to explore science at home through lots of fun science experiments.

DIY Science Kits By WonderLab

WonderLab has launched DIY science kits that introduce children to simple science concepts through creative experiments, and provide hours of fun while educating them at the same time.

Each of these DIY kits contain supplies required to conduct simple science experiments. They include illustrated, child-friendly manuals to guide you and your child. They include a section to explore further that helps develop the scientific mindset among children and encourages them to explore the world around them.

Science Kits By Wonder Lab

About WonderLab’s STEM Learning Kits

Children are born scientists. They ask questions about everything around them and see the world with fresh, inquisitive eyes. WonderLab kits are designed to keep the curiosity alive through fun hands-on experiments based on scientific concepts.

Our Story: WonderLab is a company with a simple mission. Making science fun for children. Since its inception in 2014, we have brought the excitement of science to over 1 lakh children, across 12+ cities, through more than 2000 events, workshops and online classes. Driven by a deep passion for the subject, we create products and experiences that provide learning and entertainment in equal measure. With a team comprising STEM graduates, led by a mom-turned entrepreneur, WonderLab is committed to igniting the joy of discovery and imagination in every child.