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Science Shows - WonderLab
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Science shows are designed to suit kids of all age groups and are adaptable from a scouting banquet to your household backyard!
An all-inclusive presentation of crazy science experiments and fun facts. With the support of our presenters we are able to bring to you a full fledged science show where we are open to work around your themes and bring the wonders of science to life! From fizzing, bubbling potions to smoky rings, we promise to create an unforgettable experience for not just kids but for the adults too.

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Liquid Nitrogen Show

Spectacular science experiments with liquid Nitrogen of under zero degree! Discover what this liquefied gas can do to a human hand or if it can make our eatables tastier by freezing them?

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Dry Ice Show

Create Magical Clouds with zero-water dripping ice: Make an endless bubble fountain. See what dry ice does to the colors of the rainbow and a endless excitement with fun demonstrations.

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Crazy Bubble Show

Remember when bubbles captured your imagination as a child?
What if you could take that magical world and scale it up to gigantic proportions for your child?

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