Colourful Chemistry Kit



Colourful Chemistry Kit by WonderLab

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Chemistry is intriguing and exciting beyond our perception! The Colourful Chemistry kit by WonderLab is a one-stop solution to all the hidden answers that lead to colourful results and never ending curiosity. See the magical world of chemistry unravel in front of your eyes while you also decode the concepts with our illustrated manuals and become the oracle of chemistry’s future.


  •  materials for 11 Colourful experiments
  •  illustrated manuals with detailed instructions and in-depth explanation of scientific concepts
  •  Amazing fun facts related to the experiments
  • additional innovative ideas and try at home activities for kids to explore and discover!

Kit includes the following learning activities:

  1.  Tea-rrific Chemistry
  2.  Pink Water Colourless
  3.  Colour Changing Spice
  4.  Invisible Message Game
  5.  Pattern Play Environment Detective
  6.  Kitchen Detective
  7.  Colour Cascade
  8.  Environment Detective
  9.  Make Your pH Paper
  10.  Homemade Universal Indicator
  11.  Craft a Card