Dino Soap Kit


Dino Soap Kit by WonderLab:

A Cool Soap Making Activity Where You Get To Hide Your Favorite Dino Inside!

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Using this meticulously designed and packed Dino Soap-Making Kit by WonderLab, create a cool Dino World as you entrap a mini-dinosaur inside a colourful soap. This meticulously packed DIY Soap Kit by WonderLab will help in enhancing STEM development and sensory play in your child.
DIY soap-making is a fun-filled, innovative activity for children that teaches them how soaps are made while also allowing them to use creativity and imagination.
All the materials are safe and non-hazardous. However, we recommend moderate adult supervision.


  • materials for making a cool dino soap
  • ┬ámanual to guide you through each step

Contents: Soap Flakes, dino toy, soap mould, beaker, colour, perfume, ice cream stick, glitter

Made In India.

Educational Value: Through our meticulously designed DIY science kits, WonderLab wishes to make children fall in love with science while creating some spectacular masterpieces!

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