Rainbow Crush Kit



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Orbeez are indeed an endless stream of fun for children. With our Orbeez Crush kit, we bring to you three exciting experiments that use orbeez, and help children learn some interesting concepts around them while enhancing their creativity. So what are you waiting for? Turn your home into a science lab and go bananas with your favorite orbeez! Learning and playing together was never this fun!
Herein, we have included supplies for three colourful activities for you to enjoy at home –
1. Making a creative orbeez crush jar
2. Making an ooey gooey squishy ball
3. Playing a cool secret message game


  •  detailed, illustrated manual with steps + explanations of underlying science concepts.

Contents: Manual, Orbeez, Jar, Decoratives, Stirring Stick, Balloon, Syringe, Bottle.

Made In India.

Educational Value: Through our meticulously designed DIY science kits, WonderLab wishes to make children fall in love with science while creating some spectacular masterpieces!

Highlights / Benefits:

  • A wonderful way to introduce simple scientific concepts that we witness in our day-to-day lives. Ignites imagination and creativity in kids as they create their own colourful artworks.
  • Helps in Sensory Learning, Cognitive Development, and Fine Motor Skill Development.
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