Rainbow Magic Kit



The Rainbow Magic Kit by WonderLab is The Ticket to the Mystical Land of Rainbows!

It’s time to learn the science behind this colorful phenomenon of rainbows and discover the science of color-mixing. So let’s embark on this journey filled with gooey, bubbly wonders, and a riot of colours! 

WonderLab’s Rainbow Magic Kit For Children | DIY Science Kit | Colourful and Crafty Kit for Boys and Girls Aged 4-10 Years | Glitters, Sparkles, Decoratives Included | Learning Kit | Birthday Kit For Boys and Girls | Return Gift | STEM Kit


  • materials for 5 wondrous activities
  • detailed, illustrated manuals with steps + explanations of underlying science concepts
  • interesting facts related to the activities
  • take-it-further section that lets you explore many more rainbow art and science activities

The Rainbow Magic Kit covers the following learning activities:

  1.  Fizzy Rainbow- Create beautiful rainbow colours and watch them Fizz!
  2.  Magic Mud – Make colourful Oobleck for hours of messy, gooey fun!
  3.  Mix-O-Rainbow – Mix colours to create your own beautiful Rainbow in a Test Tube!
  4.  Hot-air Balloon Suncatcher – Watch your rainbow Suncatcher shine in the sunlight!
  5.  Orbeez Crush – Trap the beautiful colours of a Rainbow in a Jar!


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