Shimmery Slime Kit


Shimmery Slime Kit by WonderLab:

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  • Sometimes science can be messy, and sometimes it can be lots of fun. However, there are times when it can be both! This slime-making kit is meant to do just that. We have packed it with hours of ooey-gooey fun while providing a basic understanding of the world of polymers!
  • Using the materials in the kit, you can enjoy making two amazing, gooey slimes
    1. Pixie Dust Gold Slime – Make a shimmery slime that looks as precious as gold!                 
    2. Supernova In My Galaxy Slime – Create a luminous explosion of colours in your galaxy!
  • Herein, we have included supplies for two cool slime-making activities and many more exciting ideas! Learning and playing together was never this fun!
  • Includes
    • materials and decoratives to make two spectacular kinds of slime
    • simple and easy slime-making recipes to gift your little slime-masters
    • detailed manuals with steps + explanations to guide you through everything
    • interesting fun facts about slime and polymers
    • many more slime-making ideas for children to explore for themselves 

Contents: Manuals, Mixing Cups, Storage Cups, Slime Activator, Glue, Spoon, Ice-Cream Sticks, Colours, Galactic Dust, Pixie Dust, Glitters, Stars

Made In India.

Educational Value: Through our meticulously designed DIY science kits, WonderLab wishes to make children fall in love with science while creating some spectacular masterpieces!


A wonderful way to introduce polymer science and non-newtonian fluids.

Ignites imagination and creativity in kids as they create their own slime artworks.

Helps in Sensory Learning and Fine Motor Skill Development.

All materials, including a variety of beautiful glitters, colours and confetti are provided in the box.

* Package Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 8 cm

* Recommended age group: 5 years and above

* Seller and Manufacturer: WonderLab

* Country of Origin: India

* Item Weight: 500 g

* Assembly Required: Yes

* Batteries Included: No

* Net Quantity: 1 U

* Generic Name: Shimmery Slime Kit For Children