Summer 2019; Summer Camp at Lilliput Laboratory

Worried your children will be stuck to the television screen all summer? Don’t fret, WonderLab has a solution! It is that time of the year again to watch your little ones be head over heels in love with summer vacations. Their curiosity, need for fun, and urge to learn has no boundaries. With this in mind, WonderLab has created a brilliant two week Summer Camp to allow your little ones to have the summer they deserve! Children aged 4-6+ and up can register and be a part of this fun Braganza. Parents are always hesitant to send these little bundles of joy away from home, however, be assured that with the nurturing they will receive at Camp, they’ll return home more curious than ever! Primarily, the benefits associated with summer camps are boundless.

  • Responsibility

It is important to inculcate the values of being responsible and careful from a very young age. Additionally, these are values which are not taught but learned from experience. Thus, summer camp provides young children an arena to be away from the umbrella care of their parents and step into the real outside world. Along with it, they will learn to take care of themselves and their buddies.

  • Making Friends

Making friends seems like the most tedious task for children at this age. Who will play with me? What will I do? All these questions must be retorted back to you as parents. However, summer camps come with an additional benefit to solve these problems. Staying away from home and mingling with children outside of their regular friend circle teaching the kids social skills which are necessary to be garnered. It will teach them how to work collaboratively and value partnership.

  • Hands On Activities

Often children are not allowed to touch certain things because they may be clumsy. No experiment or recipe allows them to get their hands dirty. However, WonderLabs has specifically created a set of cool science experiments which lets them participate in hands on activities. This aids greatly in boosting their self-confidence and increases their self-esteem.

Have a look at the wonderful one week Agenda for Camp at Lilliput Laboratory!

“Buckle up your shoes for cool science experiments this summer at Lilliput Laboratory of Wonderlab.”

Day 1: Nurturing Green

Get in touch with nature and see how plants and trees grow. Children will be educated on plant pigments and how the circulation of water takes place. Additionally, they will walk home with their self-watering plant!

Day 2: The World of Magneto

Ever seen your child fidget with magnets? That’s where their scientific inquiry starts budding. The mysterious force between two magnets will be explored by the little ones. Moreover, they will take home a bouncy magnetic!

Day 3: Splash of Spring

Colours colours colours! Children love everything bright and poppy so Day 3 will be all about feeding their sensory curiousity. All kinds of colours will be explored and the kids will participate in making a beautiful wishing bottle which they can take home. In this lovely activity, there is no chance your child will want to leave Lilliput Laboratory!

Day 4: Bubble Factory

If there is one thing which can please every child’s mind is an overflow of bubbles to pop! In this activity, the children will learn the science behind making bubbles! They will learn the secret recipe and take away wands along with a bubble solution. This bubble factory is easily the highlight of the camp. We assure you they’ll walk home with a smile on their face a mission on their mind!

Day 5: Ooey Gooey Funday

Time to get sticky and messy on the last day of summer camp! Get crazy with the Newtonian liquids and learn super cool science facts. The young ones will take home self-made Slimes of three types. 4-6 year olds learning about Newton and gravity is the new norm here!

Day 6:  Age of Dinosaur 1

Are your little munchkins curious about the creatures of the past? This is the perfect opportunity to learn and know about the habits and habitat of Dinosaurs! In a super fun activity, the little campers will take home their self- designed Dino Den. What fun!

Day 7: Age of Dinosaur 2

One day is never enough to know about those majestic creatures! In fact, they were the biggest mass extinction we’ve had in our planet Earth’s history! The students will participate in making Dino fossil and tooth necklaces.

Day 8: Rocket League

Discover all there is to know about rockets! From pressure to the different kinds of rocket fuels, the little campers will turn into scientists in no time. They will go home with their very own Stomp Rocket!

Day 9: Why Can’t I Float?

Every wondered why things float or sink? Why a rubber duck will grace the water but a pebble with stomp to the ground? Fear no more, all the answers are here. The children will unravel the mysteries of the secrets behind why things float or sink, and take home their own Cartesian Diver!

Day 10: Explorer’s Lab

End the fun filled summer camp with a Smokey bubbly science show! Let loose and have a blast on the last day of camp!

This well integrated summer camp in a combination of academics and fun is especially crafted so the kids walk away after learning something new. Such childhood experiences become treasured memories and we assure you they will remember these activities for years to come! Here is to making new friends, stepping out of the comfort zone, and overcoming all obstacles. What are you waiting for? Sign up your child right now!

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