Summer Blast; Camp 2019 at Budding Boffins of WonderLab

It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about how the kids will spend their summer holidays! Summers, are often the most looked forward season for several reasons. No school, no bedtime, no waking up time, and a plethora of fun. In this regard, giving your child a summer camp experience becomes crucial and a rite of passage in their lives. It is some time away from home where they are exposed to a different environment and step upon the pedestal of taking care of themselves. Summer camps are one of the best ways for your children to spend their vacations. They are an opportunity to not only explore, but also learn as academics is entwined with enjoyment. Without any coercion or textbooks they will still be in touch with studies, all the while fun is on their platter the entire time.

There are several benefits to sending the children on a summer camp. WonderLab provides an excellent Summer Camp agenda for kids aged 7-10 years. A cool science summer awaits which can come along with several advantages.

  • Boost of Confidence

For most children in this age group, this is the first time they are away from home. Such an opportunity not only provides positive exposure, but also gives them enough flexibility to trace their confidence. There is a unique kind of self-empowerment which every individual feels when left to do things individually, and it is necessary that your child experiences this self-reliance. The budding of self-sufficiency and becoming a responsible human being starts from such exposures in their childhood; as proved by notable psychologists Piaget and Erickson. Thus, this camp will work wonders for their self-esteem.

  • Resilience

This is also an opportunity to build resilience as they step into new arenas. It allows them to take chances, experiences risks, face failure, and build back up even stronger. It is safe to say that the earlier a child faces this, the more resilient and self-sufficient he/she becomes. It is a different “first” disguised as one of the most important life lessons.

  • Social skills

Lastly, another important aspect is communication. Children will engage with new people, step outside their friend circle, and learn to interact. This aids in effective communication; not only speaking their thoughts and opinions, but also learn the art of being a good listener.

Hence, with these advantages in mind, WonderLab has created a unique blend of fun and academics in their Summer Camp Agenda.

“Buckle up your shoes for cool science this summer at Budding Boffins of WonderLab.”

Day 1: Garden Science

A fun day to explore the nature. Kickstart the camp with learning all about a plant’s mechanisms. How they grow, what they need, and their necessity in our everyday lives. Seed a plant, watch it grow, nurture it, and take it home!

Day 2: Art of Witchery I

Take a head start in chemistry and physics with this workshop. Participate in cool experiments and take home your Do It Yourself Perfume! Mix those potions and bring out your inner witchcraft talent.

Day 3: Art of Witchery II

Dig deeper into chemistry and know the magic behind all the fizz. What is behind bitter and sour taste? Find out on Day 3 when you make your very own Bath Bomb.

Day 4: The World of Magneto

Explore the mysterious forces. The cosmos, stars, and the universe have a unique combination, don’t they? Participate in this DIY and create a Sky Winder Toy.

Day 5: Slime vs. Newton

Have you heard of Isaac Newton? It’s time to buckle up and sharpen your physics as you take part in this super cool activity. Go crazy with the non-newtonian liquids and defy gravity! You can create and take home 3 kinds of slimes!

Day 6: James Bond 007

Play James Bond and demystify the secrets of light. Kids will learn about the properties of light and participate in a cool experiment! Walk home with your self-designed telescope!

Day 7: Edison Bonanza

Bzzzz! Watch and experience the wonders of electricity. Play around with circuits and take home your own squishy circuits!

Day 8: SuperHuman

Ever believed that you have superpowers? If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Discover all the super powers and take home artificial lungs!

Day 9: Newton’s Backyard

Walk into Newton’s lab and feed your inner curiousity. With a fun mix of motion and colours, it’ll be a day to remember! Take home spin art painting and a catapault.

Day 10: Discoverer’s Lab

A Smokey bubbly science show! Put on your seatbelts and have a blast on the last day of camp.

With such a well-integrated agenda for a science vacation, what are you waiting for? One week of complete fun and your child will come back with crazy new facts! A crash course in Science awaits this summer, filled with crazy experiments, wonderful experiences, and a lifetime worth memories. Make friends, create together, and spend your summers in the most unique way possible. Sign up!

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