Unique science classes and workshops designed carefully to instill curiosity, boost imagination and develop logic through involved practicals and experiments. Taking science beyond the classrooms by observing the science behind every aspect of our daily lives!


Ages: 4yrs to 7yrs

A revolutionary new program to engage kids in science! Children instinctively love stories as it is their gateway to wonderful ideas they haven’t yet encountered. When we combine the art of storytelling with hands on science activities, the brain chemistry changes dramatically.

Uma Sharma

My 4 yr. old daughter enjoyed the whole experience of storytelling. Well done WonderLab team for visualizing the stories to these young energetic kids based on science activities.

Dr sonali daniel

To see Aviva  so cheerful and rejoiceful at the end of workshop after spending day long at habitat…it’s really heartening as a parent…and it makes me forget all my tiredness at the  end of whole day of work…thank you…

Ms jyotsna

I have not seen Seyonna so excited for any other classes…  she is enjoying these classes thoroughly …. thank you!


Ages: 8 to 12

Science is a subject that requires rich imagination. With hands-on science experiments WonderClass allows children to witness wonders of science, which in turn broadens their imagination and sparks a curiosity about everything. A significant part of any child’s growth is the experiences which fuels imagination and flexibility in him:

Instilling curiosity

Through carefully crafted modules WonderClass teaches children the wonder behind the simplest things around us such as light, colors, fire, machines, sounds, weather etc.

Fuelling imagination

Deeper involvement in science concepts through hands-on experiments and demonstrations fuels imagination through right exposure.

Developing a logical mindset

A scientific approach teaches children the importance of critical thinking and analysis of even smallest happenings in our world.

Empowering education

Science is an art of acquiring answers through reasoning and proof, empowering children to make informed decisions in life.

Meenakshi Yadav

Nikita with her ready warm smile and Vaibhav with his enthusiasm were a complete fun package for 6 days. The children learnt the basics of science with carefully crafted fun activities. Thank you so much for introducing the concepts in the most interesting way. Wish you lots of luck in your future endeavours????????

Geetanjali Joshi

Playful and lively activities along with the enrichment of young minds with the fundamental concepts of science…thank you wonderlab team for all your efforts..keep up the good work!!!

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